LSA Ski                                                        $3999.00

  • Designed to meet the light weight requirements of the LSA market yet large enough to provide high floatation in deep snow conditions.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber monocoque construction.
  • 2 sided design.
  • Full walk-on flat top.
  • UHMW bottom for wear resistance.
  • Interchangeable steel mounting bracket to accommodate tire sizes of 6.00x6, 8.00x6 and 8.50x6.
  • Single 4" tail wheel.
  • Ski size, 18" x 69".
  • Weight of each ski is less than 20 pounds with rigging.
  • Non-skid walk for top of ski.
  • Skis come standard in White.


  • Optional color choices.
  • A thicker and larger UHMW bottom for higher flotation and gravel strip operation.