Summit Skis was founded by Mike Custard, an industry innovator, who designed, developed and patented Summit Aircraft skis, which evolved to become the preferred airplane ski of the owners of Carbon Cub aircraft as well as other types of non-CubCrafters manufactured backcountry-capable aircraft around the world.

In 2022, CubCrafters acquired Summit Aircraft and its unique ski design that allows pilots to quickly and easily configure their aircraft to fly to many remote and primitive areas that would otherwise be inaccessible in winter when runways are not maintained.

For CubCrafters, the addition of Summit Skis to the outstanding wintertime defrost and cabin
heater technology used on our FX-3 model, enabled us to make that aircraft the ultimate ski
airplane. The acquisition has enabled us to achieve two key strategic goals: create an additional revenue stream for growth and strengthen our role as an industry leader.

“Our like-minded drive for high quality innovation is the main reason we chose CubCrafters. The leadership team, employees and facilities are all outstanding. They will be exceptional stewards of our technology”


-Mike Custard, CEO of Summit Aircraft

“We are very excited and pleased to welcome Summit’s customers and products into our family. It has been a joy to work with Mike Custard to coordinate a smooth ski manufacturing transition.”

-Patrick Horgan, CEO of CubCrafters

“I’ve been using Summits’ skis for some time now and they have enabled me to adventure further afield and discover and land in new, fresh places. I really love these skis and I’m very pleased to hear that they will be in CubCrafters’ capable hands going forward. I know the team there will keep the innovation going and will ensure the skis are supported in the future.”

-Bob Breeden, Summit Ski & CubCrafters customer

“The Summit Skis acquisition is part of our ambitious growth and business development strategy that has been supported by the outstanding early success of our recently announce public offering.”


-Brad Damm, VP of CubCrafters


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