Designed for heavier aircraft with 2300 lb. gross. This ski is the perfect choice for the Carbon Cub and Super Cub applications.

  • 100% Carbon Fiber monocoque construction.
  • Large bottom “Skins” increase the skis bottom surface area to 22″x81″ for greater floatation in deeper snow conditions and increased bottom surface durability.
  • 2 sided design with full walk-on flat top.
  • Designed to be used with 8.50×6 tires.
  • Single 4″ tail wheel.
  • Ski size, 18″ x 79″, (22″x81″ with bottom skins).
  • Weight of each ski is about 27 pounds with rigging.
  • Non-skid walk for top of ski.
  • Option to run as straight ski configuration.
  • Standard White color finish.


  • Optional color choices are currently Red, Yellow, Black and Carbon Weave*.
    Additional colors available upon inquiry.
    *Additional cost for carbon weave.

“I have used the Summit SS2300 skis on my Carbon Cub for 2 winter seasons and about 50 hours total, based at Merrill field, Anchorage, Alaska. Primarily working from consolidated late winter/spring snow, so far have not encountered snow conditions where I couldn’t take off shorter than I can land and stop. Prior experience includes Snyder wheel penetration and Flylite hydraulic skis. Much better than either of these. I no longer worry about getting stuck. Customer support has been excellent. They open the back country for great explorations.”
-Dick Sutliff, Anchorage, Alaska



Summit Aircraft skis are flying all around the world from Alaska to Switzerland. Our Patented Bolt-On ski mounting bracket eliminates the need for welding and aligns with the aircraft’s landing gear. Our innovative ski design is a light weight 100% Carbon Fiber structure using the “Monocoque” construction technique. The Monocoque structure supports the structural load by using the skis exterior structure, as opposed to using an internal frame that is then covered with a non-load-bearing outer skin. By constructing a stronger exterior structure; the heavy internal frames and braces are eliminated. Whether it’s an aircraft ski or a high performance aircraft, this construction technique combined with using Aerospace grade composite materials results in an incredibly strong, light weight product.

  • Easily installed or removed in less than 5 minutes.
  • Our innovative ski design weighs about half that of similar composite aircraft ski designs.
  • Light weight/low profile design has no measurable airspeed penalty.
  • Our Patented Bolt-On ski bracket requires NO welding for installation.
  • Approximately 2″ of tire penetration in wheel ski configuration.
  • Option to run as straight ski configuration.

“Our like-minded drive for high quality innovation is the main reason we chose CubCrafters. The leadership team, employees and facilities are all outstanding. They will be exceptional stewards of our technology”


-Mike Custard, CEO of Summit Aircraft

“We are very excited and pleased to welcome Summit’s customers and products into our family. It has been a joy to work with Mike Custard to coordinate a smooth ski manufacturing transition.”

-Patrick Horgan, CEO of CubCrafters

“I’ve been using Summits’ skis for some time now and they have enabled me to adventure further afield and discover and land in new, fresh places. I really love these skis and I’m very pleased to hear that they will be in CubCrafters’ capable hands going forward. I know the team there will keep the innovation going and will ensure the skis are supported in the future.”

-Bob Breeden, Summit Ski & CubCrafters customer

“The Summit Skis acquisition is part of our ambitious growth and business development strategy that has been supported by the outstanding early success of our recently announce public offering.”


-Brad Damm, VP of CubCrafters


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